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Five gorgeous Instagram accounts you might not know

Instagram is all about community, engaging with people and sharing stuff, right? So each month, I’m sharing some of my favourite Instagram accounts.

This month, I’ve got gorgeous photos from Greece, moody shots from the UK, and, of course, facades. They’re accounts you might not know, people who definitely deserve more followers.


I’m always saying how much I love autumn and winter, wooly jumpers, getting wrapped up warm. Then I look at Nelly’s feed and completely change my mind. She mainly photographs Greece, so expect white-washed facades, beautiful beaches, and lots and lots of sunshine.


Saw the crooked house of Windsor on my very brief trip there some time ago.

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Alixe’s feed is full of wonderfully moody facades. She has a very distinct style. She lives in Bath (a beautiful town I used to call home), but posts images from other parts of the UK and beyond. When one of Alixe’s photos pops up in my feed, before seeing her name, I know it’s hers. Pretty soon, I reckon the whole of Instagram will know her style.


roses for you!!! 🙂 ♡ @instagram

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Gorgeous nature, Amsterdam facades, and lots and lots of coffee are just a few of the reasons I love Sisilia’s Instagram feed. Her photography is beautiful and simplistic, and her gallery is a place of total calm and serenity.



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Francoise’s photos are timeless and cool. She’s from Paris, living in California, and photographs everything from long, winding Californian roads, to vintage cars, to the beautiful horses on her ranch.


Cathy is lovely. Her photos are bright, simple, and always make me smile. She photographs lovely corners of her home, her clients’ homes, and lots of gorgeous plants.

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